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A Step by Step Guide to Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

There are many different terms used to describe social media marketing. In the main it is crafting content that is specifically tailored for social media platforms with the purpose to increase the engagement of users and increase the visibility.

In the past few years, it has become increasingly apparent that every social media platform needs distinctive content. While videos and images are a big hit on Instagram however, platforms like LinkedIn are suited to blogs and texts. This is just one of the reasons we’ll be delving into each one in the second part of this guide.

In an effective social media marketing strategy it is important to think about the ways your company can get maximum exposure and participation across all platforms. It’s not necessary to have a presence on all of the platforms, but it is important to at a minimum be active on those platforms that host a significant proportion of your target audience.

Current Social Media Trends

What is taking place in the world of social media currently? Let’s have a look.

Organic growth can be a challenge — as the old saying “create quality content and people will follow’. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore and you’re unlikely to be bombarded with comments or likes following an especially good blog article.

What has changed? In a nutshell, ads. While Facebook is a well-known platform for advertising but it’s a trend that affects all social media platforms , and it implies the organic reach of Facebook is more difficult to attain. In the span of a couple of months, organic reach fell by 50 percent on Facebook. Although this may be a little disappointing however, it is important to be aware Facebook and other social networks are not paid businesses that are trying to earn money.

Merging Tools and Channels Every month new platforms and tools are merging and this is expected to be crucial in the near future. For instance, can you remember when messages about abandoning carts were only available via email? We can now receive similar messages on Facebook Messenger.

Furthermore, it’s possible to access various tools through your Google and Facebook accounts. Mail Chimp also allows users to create Facebook ads from its own platforms. As time passes more examples will be discovered, and we believe this will make social media marketing more accessible to do than it has ever been before.

Pay for exposure as we’ve seen before organic reach is decreasing and it could mean the end of the free word-of-mouth period of social networks. Today, the algorithms on social media favor paid advertisements.

As long as you’re sure your target audience will be found using a particular platform, there’s no reason to make this investment an issue. With billions of people using these sites, it’s a good idea to be the main focus of your strategy in any case.

Introduction to the Major Social Media Platforms

A brief description of all these social media platforms, why you should consider using them in your social media marketing plan!

Facebook: Facebook is immediately recognizable and provides endless information and the most relevant ads. When you are defining a target audience for your campaign, you are able to be extremely specific. Additionally, you can send links to blog articles or YouTube videos and wherever else you would like your customers to travel.

Instagram: The app Instagram has more than one million downloads in just three months of its debut on the App Store. Within a matter of two weeks, the app caught the attention of people all over the globe.The platform has grown and there are more than the one billion users on Instagram. For businesses this is a huge benefit because it’s the most popular platform, that has the highest engagement. Since it is possible to like by a single tap It appears that customers prefer to make this happen on Instagram rather than other platforms.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn actually got off to a slow beginning. However, it is now attracting thousands of users each month. If you’d like to make use of this platform for professional purposes we suggest joining Groups and putting up professional blog content. You can also place ads that have proved to be very beneficial particularly B2B services.

YouTube: We’ve already seen a platform that was based on pictures, and today we’ve got the largest video-based platform that gives businesses the chance to share insights into their company’s operations, create videos of product demonstrations and comparisons, and upload videos that showcase the persona of the company.

What About the Smaller Platforms?

In addition to the biggest platforms, there are handful of other platforms worthy of your attention.

Reddit: While it may not be considered to be small with millions of active users it’s not frequently considered as a marketing tool, which is a disappointment. As an organization, you are able to make the”AMA” (ask you anything) to customers, connect with users, and also put ads on the site.

Pinterest: Four out of five people who use Pinterest are females. This makes it an ideal platform for companies with a predominantly female target. Find people who share your pictures and pinning them to their boards and also contacting influencers via the social media platform. 

Snapchat: This is a great way to share your content with Snapchat Which better method to reach your customers with videos from the office and make your brand more relatable than through Snapchat? You can also announce the launch of new products, work with influencers and take advantage of Snapchat’s short-term nature. app.

Medium, Tumblr Periscope as well as the Quora — And, finally we’ll finish on four platforms that do not receive enough attention from companies. Periscope allows you to live broadcast events, you can demonstrate your expertise and interact with questions from industry experts via Quora, and Medium allows an audience to be developed without a website as well. Tumblr is a blend of Twitter as well as a blog and Instagram.


Marketing on social media continues to increase and has a major impact on the success or demise of marketing strategies for businesses. When you are tackling advertising on social networks, make sure to keep an eye on the engagement rates you get on platforms and continually evaluate which are the most effective spot for your business to invest your time and resources.

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