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Blogging is Important in SEO or Not?

Whenever we have a conversation with the business or website holder about the online market, we always insist them to make a separate dynamic blog section. Now you will ask why it is important here? Well from past couple of years we can see that blog play and important role in the digital marketing industry. People prefer reading blogs instead of reading the bulky content, because blogs are always interesting and readers get direct answers for their concern. We also recommend that you should use email marketing for sending the blogs. In this way you can also retain your old and new customers simultaneously. Usually, we cannot search for the same website every time, no matter if we took their service also. However, everybody checks email on a regular basis so we can retain them back.

So, we can say that blogging is essential part of SEO.

You should add a blog in your existing or upcoming website, no matter if you are creating a corporate website or a normal business website. A great website design can be expensive. It takes time and effort, if you need great results. We also recommend that you should update the content of your pages atleast in 6 months, and Google will definitely give them priority.

Usually in 6 months the web pages become strong in terms of traffic and rankings. In this digital word specially with respect to “google algorithm updates” you should change the content according the need of Google. Old content may spoil the results of your website, so the readers should also see the fresh things that can help them. In this way you can fetch the best leads and great output.

Page content should be up-to-date, even if it is not informational or about historical events. Google and other search engines will often give you additional “brownie” points if your content is up-to-date. This is what I refer to as a “newness” factor. The rankings of your search engine will increase, it can increase the traffic. But rankings may change or drop because your pages are old and may be outdated.

People will notice if you make changes to your website’s content. Competitors may be looking at what you do. If you make a change to something, it might catch their attention. They’ll likely visit your website. Search engines will also notice.

How can we make the most of the “freshness” factor when optimizing our website for search engines? You can still add a blog to you website, even if you don’t intend on updating the website’s content very often. There are many benefits to adding a blog on your website.

Search engine optimization can be influenced by the “freshness factor”. It is also a good idea to have a small amount of content from your blog on your website’s home page. This is a great opportunity to make your home page more frequent and keep it “fresh” for search engines and humans.

You can get more links to your site if you play your cards right. You can submit your blog posts to social bookmarking or social networking sites every time you update it. This could help to get more links.

Publicize your RSS feed. Your blog posts can be syndicated to other websites if you allow it. This is a great thing! This will bring you more publicity and it doesn’t cost anything.

When you discuss them on your blog, you can link to your website’s other pages or your products and service web pages. Syndicating your blog will allow those links to appear wherever your blog posts appear. This will allow you to get more links from other pages of your website.

Your website can be “a voice”, by keeping current customers and potential customers informed about what you are doing. We prefer doing business with someone, rather than a website. Your company will become “the voice” if one of your employees blogs regularly. One service company I know has a blog. Their “mascot”, as it were, appears not only in television commercials but also blogs regularly. This gives the large corporate entity a more personal feel.

You don't have the time or desire to blog

We completely get it. We get it. There are many options when it comes blogging. You can make blogging easier by doing these things:

You can hire a blogger to blog every day. You can find many great bloggers who will write blog posts every day. Prices can vary depending on the industry. Blog posts could cost anywhere from $5 to $100. You might be charged a monthly fee to maintain the blog’s content by a ghost writer.

You can hire a professional blogger who can write at least 3-4 blogs in a week. Few of them should upload on your website and few of them should be published on various renowned blogging websites such as Quora, Blogger, Tumblr, Reddit, Etc. If you are posting them on other websites then we suggest, you should check the DA (Domain Authority), Spam Score of that particular website before you post. Else it will only harm your pages instead of giving leads.

Your email newsletter can be used as a blog article. Consider changing the email newsletter you are sending once a week, or once per day, and publishing it on your blog. This will help you provide timely content to your website readers and visitors.

Only writing and publishing a blog is not important, you should later promote and share them on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Tumblr, etc. You can also reshare them after some time, this will give you a free visitors.

A blog is essential in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and can provide you better search engine (SE) rankings. You can get more links to your internal pages and it gives your website a “traffic”, that can be used to get your customers. Blogs keep your website more “updated” and “fresh”. Regular updates to your website will be noticed by visitors and search engines.


SEO: Why is blogging important?

That’s a great question. If you’re still skeptical after reading this far, here’s an example. A local auto accident lawyer hired a full time writer to blog about news and other events that were relevant to his business. The writer was asked to write about local incidents and accidents. He kept the blog updated. He shared his content via social media and was able get a lot more visibility for his law practice. This helped him grow his business. This is a extreme example. But is blogging essential for SEO? Yes!

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