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What is the reason Google Maps important for businesses?

2021 is the year of Google Maps 16 year anniversary! Google Maps has evolved over time from a simple virtual map into a platform to look up nearby businesses, organize your journey, and find new locations that are suggested. It’s more than a map; it’s a place to explore.

One of the last year’s updates for 2020 included the “Explore tab” that enabled users to swiftly and easily find local businesses and services, and look up for details like reviews, ratings or photos. The Explore tab let users to find new local spots all on the same platform. In the year 2000, Google Maps expanded its exploring and personalization options through its new features in 2021.

The current “Live View” feature is getting an update by displaying nearby shops and restaurants, how busy they are, recent reviews, and photos. Google Maps is making it easier for users to customize their experience to make it more personalized. For instance, it will highlight local breakfast places in the morning and restaurants at night. For those who are travelling to a city, Google Maps will show prominent tourist spots.

Every year, we witness Google Maps magnify its role as a tool that can be used to search, compare the performance of businesses and helping them take an informed and decisive decision. It’s more than an instrument to find direction from A point to B. With more than one billion Google Map users by 2020, a figure that is likely to be growing, it offers the possibility for companies to reach out to a massive number of people. 

How Google Maps Pulls Its Information

Google Maps draws information about your business from Google My Business, the official Google business profile. Your business can create the Free Business Profile on Google and provide a complete list of your company’s most important information. This information is then utilized to populate the local listings information which are displayed in Google Maps.

With up-to-date information and a complete database, Google Maps lets it to showcase your company to the public and increase awareness of your brand and increase conversions.

5 Ways Google Maps Can Benefit Businesses

Google Maps can help you discover all kinds of things. From looking for nearby restaurants to finding an auto repair shop, to finding the top drinks in town, Google Maps is here to assist you! It is based on up-to-date and reviewed information to present solutions to your questions or suggestions made based the AI capabilities.

Advantages of Google Maps:

  • Helps customers find your business
  • Allows people to quickly contact your business
  • Encourages visitors to go to your website or your location
  • Showcases your company’s image with pictures
  • Reviews provide credibility to customers through reviews

Google Maps is a powerful tool. With its capabilities and features grow and expand, so does its status as a highly effective marketing tool for companies and a search engine that consumers can use. There are ways to optimize your profile for business to be able to respond to the benefits of Google Maps mentioned above.

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