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Why WordPress & Woocommerce will remain to be the top choices for website design & development in the future?

Do you want to know about WordPress? It is an open-source (CMS) content management system, who captured the national and international market since the beginning. WordPress is now used on nearly a quarter of all websites worldwide. This means that WordPress has over 60 million websites and more than 100,000 WordPress websites are being created every day.

WordPress was a popular choice for custom-built websites. It can be used with templates and has bolt on plugins to expand its functionality. WordPress has seen a tremendous increase in popularity and flexibility as a platform.

WordPress is more than a solution for bloggers looking to create a website. It has grown from being a simple tool that could be used by anyone who needed one to a powerful & scalable platform used by many most prominent companies & web developers around the globe. WordPress’s capabilities are growing rapidly and they don’t seem to be slowing down. We’ve compiled the 5 major reasons, why WordPress and WooCommerce are still the well suited and best web development solutions for the businesses all over the globe.

1.     The WordPress is an Open-Source CMS

You have many options when it comes to content management systems for building your website. Most of these systems are proprietary, so you will need a license. This usually comes with an annual fee. The organization who owns & manages the Content Management System (CMS) is accountable to run the security updates, patches, also they can release new functionalities. These CMS solutions may be insecure, expensive, and may limit your major functionality.

The Open-source WordPress feature offers business proprietors another option. As the WordPress is an open-source software that is free to everyone. Due to this it has a large worldwide community of developers, who have made the framework.

2.     WooCommerce and WordPress is the best combination for ecommerce websites

Many companies don’t consider to sell their products online until they check the look and feel of the website. However, they later may realize that they are losing sales by not having a professional website. Companies usually hire the web developers to build their website using a new framework when they decide to add e-commerce functionality. This is because most ecommerce frameworks lack the ability to be used as a CMS (content management system). Instead, they offer a simplified system of other stages.

The WordPress is a leading CMS (content management system) that offers almost limitless functionality & design possibilities. A developer can also add WooCommerce, which is the official WP shopping cart plugin, in the current WordPress site. This will give the web owners the advantage of an e-commerce website with just a single click plugin. Owners can track their entire ordering management with just a single plugin, along with the payment gateway integration.

3.     WordPress is Scalable

Plugins and updates are constantly being made available due to the large open-source WordPress community. Plugins allow another type of functionality to be implemented on a website. There are plugins that allow you to upload images, forms, online shopping carts, order trac. You can easily scale up your website’s functionality with the many plugins that your WordPress developer has available.

Businesses are no longer limited by their website’s capabilities or forced to rebuild their websites when they need it. WordPress is a flexible platform that allows businesses to expand their websites. Your business cannot afford to not invest in a flexible framework that can meet your long-term needs, such as WordPress web building capabilities.

4.     Security and Updates

WordPress releases regular updates. The big open-source community means, that security patches will regularly be updated for intruders and malware detection. The WordPress website have less susceptible with cyber-attacks as compare to older platforms due to frequent updates. WordPress compatibility issues are gone. Consistent update means that your website will work and visible as expected on desktop and mobile browsers as well.

You can expect your WordPress web designer or website builder, if you have a managed solution to regularly run these updates on your behalf. Updates are easy to perform and do not require downtime or complicated networks of staging servers. You can run updates at the click of a button. If you use reputable plugins, bug tracking and testing are almost non-existent.

5.     WordPress offers infinite web design options

Sometimes we mistakenly believe, that you have to select from pre-designed templates in order to build a WordPress site. Many business owners overlook WordPress when looking for a fully customized solution for their website. This is a false assumption. Any reputable web designer will tell you that WordPress can deliver a custom website.

The design options for businesses who choose to use WordPress content management system to create their websites are limitless. The web designer does not have to create a template. Instead, he or she can design and develop a completely custom solution. WordPress and WooCommerce allow the business owner to have full control and can be adjusted to fit your needs and branding.

6.     Do you know that WordPress always puts the user first?

The WordPress’s interface is spontaneous and simple and user friendly. This will be a benefit to most employees. WordPress is much more user-friendly than other eCommerce CMS and website interfaces. It also requires very little training. WordPress can easily roll out to those staff members who will be updating the website on a regular basis. SEO by Yoast, a well-known WordPress plugin, is known for making SEO (on-page search engine optimization) easy. This will allow your employees to manage your SEO services and in-house strategies.

WordPress provides a wealth knowledge that helps business owners manage and update their websites. WordPress eliminates the confusion and overwhelm that used to mean updating a company’s blog or products was left to those who were not experts. WordPress has been easy to use and intuitive for all types of businesses, from local restaurants to large corporations. This flexibility is what very few other content management systems can offer.

The WordPress is now the most popular CMS (content management system) for businesses and top brands. It has grown beyond its humble roots as a blog platform. Its wide use and rapid growth in functionality is a testament to its ability cater to many businesses.

WordPress and WooCommerce’s ability to adapt to and support complex requirements is a major advantage that will help them continue to lead the web development industry.

WordPress is different from other CMS’s

  • SEO is easy
  • Most used platform
  • Built to sale
  • Always improving
  • User friendly
  • Robust and stable


We are WordPress and Woo-commerce experts

We are an award-winning web development and designing company that specializes in custom WordPress & WooCommerce websites. Our developers are the experts in advanced functionality such as premium membership websites, custom features such as posts, dynamic blog, API integration for the 3rd parties application, & WooCommerce.

We create mobile responsive websites and wooCommerce sites. Our WordPress developers have the expertise in creating a custom solution that suits your work and need.

WooCommerce is the right choice for you if you want a website with all the advantages & functionality of an open source work, but without the limitations of the shopping cart. WooCommerce powers over 15% of all the shopping carts in the world. You can be sure that you will be in good organization.

We believe that WordPress & WooCommerce will be definitely future for small business websites that are flexible, scalable, and affordable.

WordPress General Questions

WordPress is an open-source, free website creator and content management system. Running a WordPress website requires at least the purchase of a domain and monthly hosting fees. A WordPress website professional developed can cost anywhere from $2000 to $10,000.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) and website creation tool. It was written in PHP. It’s free to use and supported worldwide by a large community of developers and users. offers the WordPress core files for download. They must be uploaded to the root directory of the website.

Each CMS has its own pros and cons. The best CMS for your business is the one that meets your needs. WordPress has been deemed the best CMS due to its easy-to-use dashboard, integration with hundreds third-party themes and plugins, and flexibility for customization

A WordPress designer is a web developer who exclusively uses WordPress CMS. One platform may be preferred by a web designer, in this instance WordPress. This allows them to work efficiently and quickly on a platform that is predictable and familiar.

The short answer to this question is “yes”. WordPress is a well-respected platform for SEO and has been called a “fantastic option” by Google. WordPress is not only a great product for on-page SEO but also has thousands of themes and plugins that can be customized and adhere to SEO best practices. Yoast SEO, one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins, is a well-known authority in SEO.

WordPress is a content management platform that allows you to easily update and modify the design of your website. You can customize your WordPress website by selecting a theme. This is a set of files that alter the design of your website, but not the underlying software. The theme will determine the look of your website outside the box. WordPress developers have the option to modify existing themes, create new themes, or use an existing WordPress theme.

WordPress pages can be classified as either posts or pages. Posts are listed in reverse chronological ordering and are for timely content. Pages can be used for unique content, such as your About page. They are not permanent entities. The design and layout of a WordPress post or page will depend on the WordPress theme you have chosen.

CMS software allows website owners to modify and update their website’s content. CMSs are able to give website owners full control over their website without the need for a web designer or developer. The web development process is based on choosing the right CMS for the owner.

A WordPress developer is similar to a WordPress designer but works exclusively with the WordPress platform. While they have the same skills as a PHP programmer but are more familiar with WordPress, they can work efficiently and effectively.

A WordPress expert can install WordPress on their hosting account, upload a theme, and add content to the website in a matter of days or even hours. An entirely customized WordPress website will take longer, usually 6-14 weeks from the time it is planned to be completed. It will take time depending on the scope and complexity of your project.

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